Kiln Dried Douglas Fir Lumber

Green Douglas Fir

Having built a solid, nationwide reputation on our high-quality “Socomi Brand” green Doug Fir products, South Coast Lumber Co. has responded to marketplace demand by expanding and upgrading our manufacturing facilities to produce kiln dried Doug Fir (KDDF) lumber. Our new state-of-the-art dry kiln maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels to further enhance the natural characteristics of Douglas fir, one of the strongest of all softwood species.

With a lower moisture content, kiln dried Doug Fir lumber provides improved resistance to mold and insect damage, with greater dimensional stability that hinders the natural twisting and warping that can occur as green lumber air dries. Your customers now have a strong choice of green or kiln dried Doug Fir lumber products from one nationally respected manufacturer.

It’s time to build on our already solid reputation.

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